Friday, 9 March 2012

Sacred Harp singing in Europe

The website of the Sacred Harp Singers of Cork in southern Ireland has a page of links to other Sacred Harp singing communities in Europe. These include (as well as the new group in Dublin), the United Kingdom Sacred Harp and Shapenote Singing website: the UK is described as 'a stronghold' for this music in Europe.

Sacred Harp singing, with its very close links to harmony singing in old-time and bluegrass music, is represented in Continental Europe by the groups at Warsaw, Poland, and Bremen, Germany. In September 2012 the Warsaw group will be hosting the first ever Camp Fasola Europe, as well as the first Poland Sacred Harp convention. The Bremen group, which meets in the air-raid bunker (below) on Zeppelinstrasse, have some inspiring quotes on their website, which should appeal to bluegrass enthusiasts.