Monday, 19 March 2012

Petr Brandejs's 7th Winter Bluegrass Workshop, 16-18 Mar. 2012

Thanks to Petr Brandejs, chairman of the CzBMA, who reports:

Petr Brandejs's 7th Winter Bluegrass Workshop took place on the weekend of 16-18 March. The faculty consisted of the band Poutnici plus Jirka Kralik (fiddle), Ondra Kozák (guitar), Petr Máslo (banjo), Michal Barok (mandolin), and Petr himself. Forty-nine content students (see photo above) enjoyed the Friday jamming and learning as well as the Saturday concert of Poutnici + instructors for the sold-out theatre in Nový Jičín, CZ. Present (and busy working!:-) was also luthier Premysl Vecerek, whose guitar will be auctioned at the Banjo Jamboree in Čáslav this year. More nice pictures by Jindra Hylmar can be seen here.

Below: Poutnici + Petr Brandejs + Petr Maslo on stage at the Saturday night show