Saturday, 3 March 2012

New: 1st European Bluegrass Festival Directory 2012/13 released 3rd March 2012

European Bluegrass Festival Directory 2012/13
For the first time, a complete and comprehensive directory of all festivals in Europe featuring bluegrass music (known to us) has been published by EBMA. The directory is a service as part of the EBMA Festival Network EFN. All EBMA members and subscribers of BE will receive a copy of the directory, which will also be available at no cost at the various participating festivals.
EBMA recommends to all of you Bluegrass festival goers (or festival goers to be!): Don't be shy or lazy! Travel, take your family, enjoy the countries, the people and the music, pick up some language skills, support or sponsor these festivals ... and encourage the promoters not to give up!
See you along the European axis of Bluegrass Music!