Monday, 5 March 2012

Mike Scott in Israel and Europe, summer 2012

Rural Rhythm Records (USA) announce that Mike Scott will be touring abroad in the early and mid summer of 2012: first in Israel (2-8 May) and two months later in Europe (9-23 July), when he will be a featured performer with Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa. His itinerary for the European tour is:

Mon. 9th July Travel to Frankfurt, Germany
Tues. 10th Frankfurt to Bergen, Norway
Wed. 11th Bergen, Norway
Thurs. 12th Sandane, Norway (National Folk Museum of Sandane)
Fri. 13th Bø, Norway
Sat. 14th Breim, Norway (performance on the Kolbein stage)
Sat. 14th Reed, Norway (church performance/ fundraiser with other regional artists)
Sun. 15th- Mon. 16th Breim, Norway
Tues. 17th-Wed. 18th Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands
Thurs. 19th, Fri. 20th, Sat. 21st Breim, Norway
Sun. 22nd Guildtown Bluegrass Festival, Scotland