Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Changes in EBMA leadership

Angelika Torrie, outgoing EBMA chairperson, passes the sceptre (a genuine Martha White spoon) to Petr Brandejs (photo: Dagfinn Pedersen)

The 11th Annual General EBMA Membership Assembly was held on Sunday 4 March. The accounts for 2011, showing a net profit of €4,726.75, were approved and the auditors, together with all current board members, were re-elected unanimously.

The board of directors announced that in future leadership tasks would be more evenly shared among board members, with an annual rotation of the chairmanship. Angelika Torrie (CH), chairperson since 2009 as well as treasurer, webmaster, and chief editor, will step down from the chair as from 1 Apr. 2012, to be succeeded by Petr Brandejs (CZ), musician, teacher, event organiser, and long-time president of the Czech BMA.

The 5th European Bluegrass Summit and the 12th Annual General EBMA Membership Assembly will be hosted by Capek Instruments in Prague (CZ) early in 2013, where the chairmanship will be handed over to the next EBMA board member.

All members of the EBMA board will also share all relevant documents in a 'cloud', allowing each of them to be capable of leading the organisation, even for shorter periods. Read more here.