Sunday, 5 February 2012

Keep up with EWOB on Facebook

Thanks to EWOB Facebook administrators Pieter Groenveld and Ruud de Bruin for this news:

Did you know that, apart from its own website, the European World of Bluegrass Festival in the Netherlands has its own Facebook page? What better way to stay up-to-date, read last-minute updates, find interesting links, and have a possibility to share any EWOB-related news items?

Apart from festival-related information, we aim to provide information on upcoming events, misplaced instruments, workshops, etc., and hope this to be a regular meeting place for global bluegrass lovers.

Stay up to date by visiting and Liking our page. New items will then be instantly accessible and brought to your attention. Follow the 1600 people who have already done so and become part of the virtual EWOB family! We are looking forward to meeting you both in Voorthuizen and on Facebook.

The 15th European World of Bluegrass Festival takes place on 17-18-19 May 2012 at Voorthuizen, the Netherlands.