Thursday, 16 February 2012

Invitation to the EBMA's 11th General Membership Assembly, 4 Mar. 2012

Angelika Torrie, chairperson of the EBMA board of directors, sends the following to all EBMA members:

Invitation to attend the EBMA's 11th General Membership Assembly
on Sunday 4 March 2012, 09:00–10:00 hrs
in the building Friedrichsbau, Friedrichstrasse 2, Bühl (Baden) Germany

Dear EBMA Member,

Following our general invitation in the January edition of our organisation’s newsletter Bluegrass Europe, the EBMA Board of Directors now invites you to the eleventh EBMA General Membership Assembly. All members of the EBMA have the right to attend the assembly, vote on matters concerning the work of the EBMA, as well as nominate and vote for members going forward for election to the Board.

Subscribers to Bluegrass Europe, and members of any national bluegrass music association, are welcome to attend the Assembly as guests.

If you have any additional items for the agenda below, the EBMA Board of Directors will be happy to include these under '10. Any Other Business'. Please send submissions by e-mail no later than 1 March 2012.

Please find EBMA's bylaws, as well as the minutes of previous General Membership Assemblies, here.


1 Welcome
2 Acceptance of last years’ AGM minutes
3 Reports of Activity by EBMA Board of Directors for 2011
4 Acceptance of Financial Report 2011
5 Election of EBMA Board of Directors for 2012/13
6 Election of Financial Auditors for 2012
7 Acceptance revised Budget for 2012
8 EBMA Goals for 2012/13
9 Membership contribution
10 Any other Business
11 Questions and Answers