Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Crossing the line with Chris Jones

Singer, songwriter, bandleader, and broadcaster Chris Jones (USA) is now also writing some of the sharpest and funniest commentary on bluegrass subjects on the Bluegrass Today website - most recently, a series giving advice on handling the issues that confront bluegrass bands. The latest instalment deals with crossing national borders, in the course of which Chris writes:

I will also spend more time on crossing the US/Canada border, than on entering European countries (the other area of the world I have touring experience in). This is mainly because the US/Canada border is fraught with a lot more peril than the European ones. I’ll elaborate on it later, but generally, when entering Europe, you just follow the green sign, they hand you a free cup of strong coffee and a croissant, and you’re on your way.

There is more to it than that, as Chris says; and the EBMA advises bands who are thinking of touring Europe to read its White Paper on the subject. Meanwhile, read the whole of Chris's piece here. The image above is about his latest album, Lost souls & free spirits.