Saturday, 28 January 2012

Virginia Ramblers for Europe, summer 2012?

The Virginia Ramblers (l-r: Jeff Vogelgesang, Donnie Shifflett, Charles Frazier, Zack Deming)

Thanks to Jeff Vogelgesang, mandolin player for a five-piece traditional bluegrass band, the Virginia Ramblers (USA), for news that the band are planning to book a 10-14 day tour in Europe/UK in the next year.

The Virginia Ramblers, who are EBMA members, work festivals, concerts, wineries, etc., mostly through Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Delaware, and have also played at the Grass Valley festival in California and on the famous Prairie Home Companion radio show. They have an open period in their booking calendar between 10 and 22 June 2012; other blocks may be available in late July and mid-August.

You can see and hear the Ramblers in performance on YouTube: some examples are the medley: 'Unfaithful' and 'Lotsalove'; 'Pleasant Hill'; 'Mississippi Sawyer'; 'Don't hurry me'; and 'The old crossroad'. A warm recommendation of their self-titled CD is on County Sales.

Promoters, festival and event organisers, and others interested in contacting the Virginia Ramblers can reach Jeff Vogelgesang by e-mail.