Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Marshall Monrad Band on national Norwegian TV with songs from their new CD, 16 Jan. 2012

Thanks to Dagfinn Pedersen for more good bluegrass news from Norway:

Marshall Monrad Band, a well known bluegrass band at the Risør Bluegrass Festival, appeared on nationwide Norwegian TV2 as the special guests in 'Good Morning Norway' this (Monday) morning. Their second CD effort, Minerals & mud, hit the streets in Norway and Sweden today, with great reviews in the newspapers. It was released on the Rootsy.nu label (Sweden) and is distributed in Norway by Warner Music. They had a long interview about the band and their music, and they played live some songs from the new CD. You can see them here (if the TV2 link works):

Songs from the TV2 program: 'Railroad line' and 'Get off of this train': http://webtv.tv2.no/webtv/sumo/?treeId=1602&progId=587987

All songs are written by the band members, most of them by the band leader and singer, Bjoern Nilsen. Their first CD, The Marshall Plan, was released in 2009. Their bass player, Erlend Hoelland, also plays with the #1 European Bluegrass Band 2011, Lucky Lips.

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