Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bluegrass videos from Kusterdingen/Klosterhof, 5 Jan. 2012: and more to come

Thanks to broadcaster, country music historian, and festival organiser Walter Fuchs of Bühl/Baden, Germany, for these YouTube links to performance videos from the bluegrass and old-time-music gathering at the Klosterhof Kusterdingen cultural centre on 5 January 2012.

The first includes short clips from the sets of several of the artists taking part - a full list of the lineup is given in the video's opening credits. The second is devoted to one lively number by the band Driftwood, with George Bähr (fiddle). Other performances at the event can be seen through YouTube links from these videos.

Update 11 Jan.: Thanks to Dieter Stoll of Horse Mountain, who sends the news:

... there will be more YouTube video coverage of the event - it's just that editing the videos (syncing the camera sound with the console sound, etc.), uploading them, and asking for publication permission is very time-consuming. But there's a whole lot more in the pipeline as we speak. Once everything has been uploaded and approved I will create a YouTube playlist for all clips, and post it on the GBMA and EBMA sites.