Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bluegrass Europe: as good as its word - and better

A week ago (30 December 2011) the editorial team of Bluegrass Europe, the official magazine of the EBMA, announced: 'We're confident our next issue should be sent out during the first week of the year.' They were as good as their word, and better: issue #82 (Jan.-Mar. 2012) was reaching subscribers within a few days of that announcement.

If you are not on the mailing list yet, but the sneak preview below makes you want it, make sure to join NOW through or subscribe at

Here's what you'll find in there:  Editorial - EBMA NEWS - Cover Story: 'More Than Just High Heels': The Toy Hearts - BluegrassDuinen - News Europe - CD Releases - The Observer - Swiss-Icelandic Connection - Katzenjammer - Namur Festival report - Concert & Festival Calendar - Banjo Camp Munich - News US - IBMA Showcases - Bluegrass Today: Chris Pandolfi - Earl Scruggs - Pete Wernick Interview - The Bluegrass Bass - EBMA's European Bluegrass Guide