Thursday, 26 January 2012

4th European Bluegrass Summit, Bühl, 2-4 Mar. 2012

The 4th European Bluegrass Summit will be held on the weekend 2-4 March 2012, hosted by the city of Bühl, south-west Germany, which provides all facilities. The Summit was first held at Bühl in 2009, as an initiative by the International Committee of the IBMA, and has been held since then under the auspices of the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA), and this year's schedule includes the EBMA annual general members' meeting. The EBMA announces:

The summit is open to all, professionals and non-professionals, members and non-members of the European or other national associations, who think they may benefit from sharing ideas and best practices with like-minded people doing similar work in other countries. This includes fans, musicians, promoters, journalists, webmasters, national association reps, and anyone else with a personal, professional or organisational interest in bluegrass in Europe.

The programme includes a concert by two leading European bands. Full details, with facilities for registration and reserving accommodation, are on the EBMA website. Register online now to participate and to reserve your accommodation.