Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bluegrass Jamboree 2011, Blog #5

Celia just sent in the 5th installment of the festival's exciting 20 day long tour:

We have just crossed the boarder into the Czech Republic heading toward Prague. Everything is covered in a thick milky mist, and it’s hard to see the countryside. Last night we played in Lutherstown, which is in East Germany. The smaller towns we have played in have been almost like walking into a set of a movie, the cobblestones, massive churches and the Christmas decorations add a very magical feel to the tour. It’s hard to believe that we are lucky enough to be on this adventure.
The feel in East Germany is different than in the south or west. The wall fell only 20 years ago and life for all Germans changed drastically. I’m told that East Germans are still distinctive in certain ways, which I have not learned to identify (besides some interesting Hairstyles!). Werner spent the better part of the morning giving us a history lesson. He was 19 when the wall fell and remembers very well the happenings of that period.
We are on our 12th show tonight in Prague. The shows have continued to go well, fluctuating here and there but remaining steady overall. We have sold almost all of our CD’s and are having to potentially gamble on sending another box. It’s a good problem to have- but one that requires a lot of strategy as to when the box might arrive. We’re going to be on our third shipment of 1,000 units when we get back to the states! I Built This Heart has been doing better than ever imagined.
It seems that through all the repetition we are learning to be a tighter and more responsive band. We are honing in on rhythm and dynamics. Having a show every night is a good way of getting to know your band-mates. Remember, as this formation in Della Mae we aren’t even a year old!
Carl's bridge in Prague at night
After all this time with the Deadly Gentelmen and Cahalan & Eli I’m going to go through some serious music withdrawal. All the men have been wonderful to tour with and amazing to listen to. Be sure to check back for some pictures from Amanda, we’re staying out late tonight to explore Prague! Let the mischief begin….