Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bluegrass and old-time music in Britain: on video

Banjo-player John Breese (UK) has compiled a 26½-minute video documentary 'Bluegrass & old-time: an exploration of the music in the UK' as part of work for his Master's degree at Southampton University. It is one of the videos on the Bath Bluegrass School's YouTube channel, and can be watched here and on the UKBluegrass.com website.

The British Bluegrass Music Association supported the making of the documentary, and - in addition to plenty of picking and singing - major figures from bluegrass and old-time music in Britain can be seen and heard, giving their views on the scene, how they came to it, and where it is going. A prominent place is given to the Sore Fingers Summer Schools, one of Britain's main gifts to the bluegrass world.