Monday, 14 November 2011

What's new in the Czech Republic

Petr Brandejs reports from the Czech Bluegrass Music Association (CzBMA):
  • It seems that CzBMA again succeeded in getting a major sponsor for the Banjo Jamboree: the wood processing company LESS. Last year it allowed the organisers to invite Don Rigsby, this year the Canadian band Oh My Darling has been booked for Friday 15 June, and the CzBMA board keeps searching for another headliner for Saturday.

  • Bluegrass and banjo enthusiasts are looking forward to the show of Kruger Brothers with the Czech classical UNI Quartet playing Jens's classical compositions on 10 December. The show is being organised by the luthier Jarda Prucha.

  • Just two days later, on 12 December, there will be a stop of the Bluegrass Jamboree in Prague. This time organised by another instrument maker, Rosta Capek, at the same venue - Theatre Koppernik.
  • A new CD of the band Reliéf is out. The band nevertheless seems to keep the name of it as a secret, as it cannot be found on their website...:-).

  • Over 19,000 people have seen the Saturday night show of the 6th Bluegrass Workshop run by Petr Brandejs and Jindra Hylmar, which took place in the village of Male Svatonovice in the Czech Republic on 14-16 October. Top Czech and Slovak instructors (including steel guitar and ukulele!) + 130 participants left this three-day event on the Sunday afternoon.

  • Next workshop by Petr Brandejs will take place in Novy Jicin (CZ) on 16-18 March 2012.