Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lynne Butler on air again - and on the ukulele

Lynne Butler (UK) sends the playlists for the latest programmes in her 'Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass' and 'Lynne Butler’s Eurograss' series (see the EBB's separate 'Radio playlists' post). Lynne adds:

This week’s shows are equally packed with fabulous music from the European bluegrass community as well as in Butler’s Boudoir Bluegrass there is a section featuring other bluegrass music from around the world.

Coming up at Christmas are the highlights of all the festivals this year that I have been able to attend, including the Didmarton and Cornish festival highlights.

I will also have a special on a local ukulele group run by Sam Brown with interviews from Sam herself and some of the uke-ists, as well as live playing with an interview also from Jess and the Gents who are a breakout group from the group. Because my son and I are both part of the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common I thought it fitting to do a special on it and especially as this little instrument is making it’s mark in the music world and in the bluegrass world. So, listen out for that over Christmas too.

I will be grabbing an interview with the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys nearer Christmas too, so that’ll be worth listening out for whilst including some music from their recently released second album, Back in the land of the living room. So, please keep an eye out for the playlists revealing when these shows and many more will be aired.