Thursday, 17 November 2011

East-West: new band, new demo

A newly formed bluegrass band from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, East-West, has a new demo out.

East-West is a band from Slovakia and the Czech Republic founded in 2011. They play mostly modern bluegrass music influenced by other genres like folk music, new acoustic music, jazz, etc. Their set list contains original songs and instrumentals as well as innovatively interpreted covers of some well known songs. Although the band is quite new, the musicians are well established personalities in the European bluegrass music scene.
  • Filip Baťo (banjo) is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. He teaches banjo at bluegrass workshops. Filip recorded his own CD with original compositions and played with the very successful Slovak band Meantime.

  • Michal Vavro (guitar, vocals) is a great musician who also deals with classical and folk music. He played with the famous Slovak band Fragment, and recorded two CDs of his own compositions with the 'Acoustic Colors' project. Michal is a very sought-after guitar teacher at bluegrass workshops.

  • Ondra Kozák (mandolin, vocals) is another multi-instrumentalist in the band. He plays guitar with the band Fragment, and played guitar and fiddle with the successful Czech bands Kreni and the Petr Brandejs Band. Ondra regularly teaches guitar at bluegrass workshops; he recorded two instructional guitar DVDs.

  • Erik Banič (upright bass, vocals) is a very talented bass player who originally played mandolin and guitar in many bands. He also plays bass with another Czech-Slovak bluegrass band, Who´s Your Daddy.

The new recording EAST-WEST: DEMO 2011 can be downloaded directly here. You can also hear it on the 'Music' page of the band's website, or on their Facebook page.