Monday, 14 November 2011

Danilo Cartia: Blue Frets and BJG

Danilo Cartia (I) reports that he and the Blue Frets acoustic music quartet will be playing on Saturday 19 November at 20:30 in the 'Four Green Fields', Via Costantino Morin 38, Rome, Italy. Admission is free.

Danilo also brings his long experience as a singer, 5-string banjo player, and guitarist in bluegrass music to another project: BJG Roots Music (see photo below). The letters stand for 'Bluegrass, Jazz, Gospel', and BJG Roots Music is a sixteen-piece orchestra comprising some of the best Italian and foreign bluegrass, jazz, and gospel musicians, including members of the Danilo Cartia Band. The repertoire traces the roots of the three genres, interpreted with great respect for tradition but in a pleasantly unusual way.

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