Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bluegrass news in Italy

Red Wine with their new bass player, Lucas Bellotti

Martino Coppo has sent us some news from Italy:

  • Red Wine is happy to introduce its new bass player, Lucas Bellotti, a young and very talented musician from Genoa (Genova). Despite his age Lucas has already an impressive experience in different music styles, including classic music, jazz, rock, and now bluegrass.

    The band is currently working on a new recording project, to be released in 2012, and on a US West Coast tour in late February 2012, ending up at the Wintergrass Festival in Washington State. For 2012 RW is also working at its annual Bluegrass Party, which will be moved to a bigger and nicer theatre in downtown Genoa (more info to follow).

  • Blue Dust is a new bluegrass band from Milan (Milano). Members are:
    Perry Meroni (guitar, vocal)
    Dino Barbè (banjo, baritone vocal)
    Josh Villa (mandolin, tenor vocal)
    Ignazio Sanfilippo (upright bass)
    Tonino Spezzano (guitar)

  • Veteran band Bluegrass Stuff from Milan has a new lineup:
    Massimo Gatti (mandolin, vocal)
    Maurizio Lodi (guitar, vocal)
    Ruben Minuto (guitar, vocal)
    Dario Lantero (banjo, vocal)
    Icaro Gatti (bass)
    Colm Murphy (fiddle)

  • Il Cancello del Cinabro is a nice music club in Genoa, featuring live music and occasionally bluegrass. Chris Jones & the Nightdrivers and  the Italian band 0039 (ex Bononia Grass) played there in October and November 2011, while Red Wine is scheduled to play on 21 January 2012.