Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bluegrass from Castile: the Hermanos Cubero on FolkWorld

Thanks to Roberto of the Hermanos Cubero (E) for this link to a major interview with them in the online magazine FolkWorld.

The brothers, Roberto and Enrique, began playing the traditional music of Castile in the early 1990s and were later drawn to bluegrass. At one point the interviewer, Pío Fernández, asks: 'Have you found any kind of similarity between bluegrass... and the music from La Alcarria or from Castile in general?' and the Cuberos reply:

We have found many points in common between both styles of music. We never needed to make any adaptations to the traditional Castilian melodies that we incorporated in our bluegrass repertoire.

The interview also includes their recommendations for further listening, both in bluegrass and in Spanish traditional music, and a mention of the main annual event in Spain, the Al Ras Old Time and Bluegrass Festival near Barcelona. Read the whole interview here.