Thursday, 27 October 2011

Larkin Poe in Europe, Oct.-Dec. 2011

Tonight (Thurs. 27 Oct.) Larkin Poe (USA) are playing in Norway as part of a European tour that lasts till early December. They will then be returning to Britain in January 2012, to perform in the Celtic Connections 2012 festival with a show at Òran Mór in Glasgow on Friday 27 January.

After tonight they play two more shows in Norway (28, 29 Oct.), five in Sweden (31 Oct.-6 Nov.), two in the Netherlands and one in Belgium (8-10 Nov.), a further show in Norway (12 Nov.), three in Germany (14-16 Nov.), and more in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany up to 20 Nov., after which they will be playing in Britain (22 Nov.-1 Dec.). For several shows, Elvis Costello will be on the same bill. Full details, including location maps and online ticket purchase facilities, are on their website tour schedule.

Their 4-CD box-set Band for all seasons, which comprises their acclaimed series of mini-albums Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, originally released individually in 2010 and earlier this year, will be released on 14 November 2011.

'While featuring mandolin and dobro, this is not bluegrass. Electric guitar, bass and drums don't make it rock 'n roll. Un-poplike melodies and arrangements don't make it jazz. iTunes calls it folk, but that isn't it either. Take a bit of all of this and stir it up. In lesser hands it might be chaos. Larkin Poe turn it into a very smooth, well crafted piece of work. It's unique.' No Depression

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