Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fwd: STOLEN Jon Mann Mandolin and Loar Guitar

Martina Ruhmann sends the following Stolen Instrument alert:

Hello from Switzerland
This is a VERY URGENT CALL for help!
On October 16th, 2011 a very special Mandolin by Jonathan Mann, some other items of high personal value and a Loar Guitar 700VS were stolen out of the car of Klaus Wittich in the south of France. While Klaus is still in France trying to get his car fixed and organize things there, I am trying to spread the news, so hopefully the instruments will be found without damage.
See pictures of the instruments on left.
The Mann mandolin is one of a kind instrument and has a custom made armrest with a "K" out of mother of pearl and is in a silver Eastman fiberglass-case with a lot of stickers on it.

The Loar guitar has a number, which Klaus will add info for as soon as possible.

Please forward this message to all mandolin and bluegrass friends as soon as possible.
Best regards and dear picking greetings