Thursday, 1 September 2011

News from the Czech Republic

Petr Brandejs reports:

Pictures from the week-long 22nd Bluegrass Workshop in Hustopeče (Southern Moravia) [above] can be seen here. The workshop, organised by Helena Bretfeldova, took place traditionally during the 3rd week of August.

A big name in the Czech music business, singer/songwriter Honza Nedved, is going to record a bluegrass album with the help of big Czech bluegrass names such as the Jahoda brothers.

The 16th Bluegrass Workshop of Petr Brandejs and Jindra Hylmar is taking place on 14-16 October. The video from last year's concert has been seen by more than 8000 people. This year's 'new thing' is the ukulele class, led by Ondrej Sarek, who has written two ukulele books for Mel Bay (!).

A brand new bluegrass workshop was started by Ralph Schut and Petr Vosta (banjo Sunny Side) and is taking place on 16-18 September. More here.

A fine Furch guitar was auctioned at the Banjo Jamboree festival in Čáslav in June. The headliner of the festival, Don Rigsby & Midnight Call, got a great response for their fine show on Sunday night. Negotiations about the next year's foreign band(s) have started.