Friday, 9 September 2011

Hayseed Dixie in Europe - and in Norwegian

The 'Appalachian Rockgrass hellraisers' Hayseed Dixie have been touring in Europe since April this year (when their ninth full-length studio album, Sjt Munchs Drikkeklubb Band, was released) and will remain on this side of the Atlantic for nearly two months.

Although the tour includes most of the countries of western and northern Europe, a majority of the dates are in Britain or Scandinavia - appropriate, because the new album is entirely in Norwegian, including three original songs. Their website claims that 'this is the first time any American band has recorded an album in the Norwegian language. It's historic!'

Having played during the past week in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Norway, Hayseed Dixie begin tonight a series of sixteen shows in Britain, followed by four in Italy, ten in Norway, and two in Germany before playing the last ten shows of the tour in Britain and Ireland. Full details are on the 'Appearances' page of the band's website.