Monday, 15 August 2011

Niall Toner and the story of 'William Smith Monroe' - now on YouTube

Niall Toner reports from Ireland that the story behind the creation of his new commemorative song, 'William Smith Monroe', can now be seen on YouTube.

The video shows Niall himself, against the background of scenes around his home in the countryside of Co. Carlow, explaining the part that Bill Monroe played in his life, and some of the inspiration that went into the song. Music from Niall's previous recordings, and of course from the new song itself, forms the audio background. Niall adds:

The whole thing was filmed, directed, and edited by my thirteen-year-old grandson Kyle, and his eight-year-old brother, Jay (who also played the part of young Monroe/Toner in the final scene). If these boys stick at it, I believe they could have a bright future in the movie business! I have given them a little write-up on my new blog on our website.