Monday, 22 August 2011

Lynne Butler's La Roche festival highlights

Lynne Butler (UK) sends the playlists for her 'Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass' and 'Lynne Butler’s Eurograss' shows (see the EBB's separate 'Radio playlists' post) for this week and next week. As promised, Lynne has devoted these shows to highlights from the 2011 La Roche Bluegrass Festival in La Roche-sur-Foron, Haute Savoie, France, at the beginning of this month.

LBE and BBB playlist for W/C 22 August 2011: La Roche festival highlights, part 1

Every Breath You Take - Poa Pratensis - Hungary
Interview with Blue Side of Town - Germany
Chalk Up Another One - Blue Side of Town - Germany
Interview with Philippe Ohin from Bluegrass 43
The Witch - Bluegrass 43
Where is My Little Cabin Home - Kathy Kallick Band - USA
Interview with Grass Road - Czech Republic
Den Posledni - Grass Road - Czech Republic
(Live From La Roche) - Roots and Galoots - UK
Interview with Lonesome Day - France
Tiptina Two Step - Lonesome Day - France
Interview with Angelika Torrie about Dr Bluegrass and the Hillbilly 8 - UK
It Ain’t Me Babe - Dr Bluegrass and the Hillbilly 8 - UK
Interview with Lily Drumeva - Bulgaria
Red Clay Halo - Lily of the West - Bulgaria
Crazy Blues - Lazy Tater - Netherlands
Interview with Didier Phillipe - one of the organisers of the festival
A band jamming outside a café one afternoon

LBE and BBB playlist for W/C 29 August 2011: La Roche festival highlights, part 2

I Still Write Your Name - Blackjack - Czech Republic
My Hometown - The Hickory Project - USA
Learning to Fly - G-Runs and Roses - Czech Republic
Interview with Heather Joyce - France
Towards Dawn - Heather Joyce - France (although English)
Why Not Me - Percy Copley and the Hillbilly Hiccups - UK
Interview with Christopher Howard Williams - One of the organisers
Random recording of atmosphere and music one evening - just to remind you from last week’s show just how fabby this festival is!
Melting Time - Melting Times - Hungary
Vim Vim Mala - Country Cocktail - Czech Republic
God and Everybody - Grass road - Czech Republic
Carolina Star - Bluegrass 43 - France
I’m Satisfied with You - Blue Side of Town - Germany
La P’tite Marie - Lonesome Day - France
Daddy’s Little Girl - Holy Water - Netherlands
Haenny - Lonesome Wally - France
Live recording at La Roche

Lynne adds:

Please also note that the Coal Porters (UK/USA) have a show with the Water Tower Bucket Boys (from Portland, OR, USA) at Shepherd's Bush immortal Bush Hall in London this very 25 August 25 (Thursday night). Tickets are £12.50. This is a quick blog by Sid Griffin which ends with the gig info at the bottom.