Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Doppelstopp goes “on air” today!

Thank you to Volker Dick for the following news:

It´s already five years ago “Doppelstopp” – the German weblog about mandolins and acoustic music started. But instead of inviting all the thousands of readers to a giant party Doppelstopp is going to start another try in a different field: Beginning on Tuesday 30th August 2011 (today!), exactly five years after the first post, the blog goes on air! “DoppelstoppRadio” (http://laut.fm/doppelstopp) is launched through laut.fm! A lot of Bluegrass music will be streamed but other music with mandolins as well: Folk, Pop and a little bit of Jazz. Okay, it´s an amateur station and some songs may be on heavy rotation without reason. But maybe you´ll like to listen to it nevertheless, 24 hours a day, and hopefully Doppelstopp Radio will develop during the weeks and months. So, please give it a try and tell your friends: it's http://laut.fm/doppelstopp. The direct link for streaming is: http://stream.laut.fm/doppelstopp.m3u 
Volker Dick
Doppelstopp (http://doppelstopp.wordpress.com)