Friday, 12 August 2011

Bluegrass in the London area? Yes!

The European Bluegrass Blog(EBB) has received a message from Rob Graham in Australia, who will be travelling to London for the month of November to visit family. Rob writes:

I was hoping you could steer me onto some good jam sessions and maybe regular bluegrass venues to hit while I am there. I couldn't stand to be away from my first music love for a whole month!

Any tips/ideas would be very welcome. Of course, I would love to hear about any top-line local or touring bluegrass bands I could see while I am in London.

We can't send Rob an e-mail reply, as e-mails sent to the EBB through the direct link don't retain the address of their origin; but we hope he's reading this. Ample help is at hand! The indispensable source for all bluegrass and old-time activity in the London area and south-east England is the website of Rick Townend, especially its calendar page. Rick (see photo) has been a mainstay of bluegrass in Britain since his schooldays in the Echo Mountain Boys.

Check also the invaluable for general bluegrass action in Britain, especially bands touring outside the south-east.