Sunday, 3 July 2011

Kenny Baker suffers a stroke

Kenny Baker as a Blue Grass Boy (photo by Jim Peva)

Richard F Thompson (GB) writes:

Courtesy of Julia LaBella, who has posted news on Facebook, we have learned that Kenny Baker has suffered a stroke and is hospitalised. He celebrated his 85th birthday on 26 June.

Baker, whom Bill Monroe always introduced as 'the greatest fiddler in bluegrass music', first joined the Blue Grass Boys in 1957 and, aside from three breaks, stayed with Monroe until October 1984.

In addition to playing on about 75 recording sessions of one type or other while working for Monroe, he has about 35 albums of his own (or shared with others like Josh Graves, Blain Sprouse, Bobby Hicks, and Howdy Forrester).

Keep him in your thoughts and offer a prayer for his complete recovery. Cards and/or flowers can be sent to Kenny Baker c/o Sumner Regional Medical Center, 555 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066-2400.

Here’s a clip of Kenny Baker with Josh Graves backed by Groundspeed (D) live in Basel, Switzerland, in 1988. Groundspeed's lineup at the time was Klaus Gausmann (bass), Ulli Sieker (mandolin), Matthias Malcher (guitar), and Edwin Herkert (banjo).

Ray Whiteway-Roberts (GB) writes that the stroke

has affected the left side of his body. He has slurred speech; the nurses are taking good care of him. Keep him in your thoughts & prayers.