Monday, 25 July 2011

Dick Brink

John Cline reports from Enschede (NL):

We have some rather bad news in Holland today as well - our dear friend and buddy Dick Brink died at his home on Saturday after a long struggle with cancer. Dutch bluegrass is in deep mourning today as we have just found this out. Any condolence cards to Dick's family may be sent to the following address:

Family Brink
Chopinlaan 2
3781HB Voorthuizen
The Netherlands

Sorry to have to be the bearer of this sad news, and we are going to miss Dick quite badly; he was sort of like a father to Dutch bluegrass.

And Ronald Groot, on behalf of the EWOB Festival Committee, reports:

Dear All,

With great regret I hereby have to inform you all that Mr Dick Brink, board-member of the EWOB-festival Voorthuizen, has lost his battle with cancer and has passed away last Saturday (23rd July 2011).

Dick did a great job at our festival with local affairs and with the transportation. He was fighting to get better, but he sadly lost the fight. Dick became 69 years of age.

On the card that his family sent, you can read:

Shores, distant shores
There's where I'm headed for
I got the stars to guide my way
To sail into the light of day.

Dick will be missed, not only for his work as a volunteer, but most of all because of the person he was.

With sadness in our hearts,
the board of the EWOB-festival Voorthuizen
Ronald Groot