Monday, 4 July 2011

Dave Stacey at Westport festival

Among those attending the recent Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival (23-4 June) in Co. Mayo, Ireland, was English luthier Dave Stacey (left), whose outstanding old-time banjos have been featured in Banjo Newsletter magazine. Dave was not at Westport as a performer, but he had brought a 'travelling banjo' with him. In more than one jam session, it was evident that he is also a fine player and singer of old-time music.

The standard line of Stacey Banjos comprises the 'Classic Era', 'Gainsborough Special', and 'Ultimate Fretless' models, to which the 'Sodbuster' has recently been added. Dave also builds reproductions of classic instruments; makes banjos to custom requirements; and restores, repairs, and sets up all fretted instruments. He can be contacted at

David Stacey
19 Field Lane
Hertfordshire SG6 3LF
+44 (0)1462 683074