Thursday, 18 August 2011

Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass

Lynne Butler (UK) sends the playlists for tonight's programme in her 'Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass' series and for the 15 August programme in her 'Lynne Butler’s Eurograss' series on Bluegrass Planet, broadcast every Monday night at 21:00 UK time, and repeated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the same time (see the EBB's separate 'Radio playlists' post). Lynne adds:

As you know I had an amazing time at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France and you can hear all about it with my ‘highlights’ show which will be aired next week with part 1 and the week after with part 2. It’s a free festival so I recommend that you make a holiday of it and get yourself along to it at the same time. The Alps as a backdrop are wonderful and the atmosphere amazing. Great music, great people, and great fun. It’s now in my diary for next year already.

The festivals that I will be at after that are Didmarton and Cornwall - again, regular updates over the weekend followed by a ’highlights’ programme.