Friday, 22 July 2011

Bluegrass Europe #80: now out

The 80th edition of Bluegrass Europe, the official EBMA magazine, has been posted out to subscribers. The cover story is on Lazy Tater (NL); the many other items in this issue include news, reviews, band and festival reports and previews, tributes to departed members of the bluegrass community, the EBMA Concert & Festival Calendar and European Bluegrass Guide, and other new and regular features. The editor announces:

Formal deadlines for the next issue (#81) are:

Sept. 1st for the news summaries and event notifications
Sept. 10th for feature articles
Sept. 15th for advertisements

Also, check out the EFN section on our website. If you have any festivals in your area that qualify for the EFN membership criteria, please report those festival names, with e-mail addresses, so we can invite them to join the EBMA Festival Network. That would be a great help in pushing that network forward.

Thank you to all our contributors and helpers on and behind the scenes!

You can also join Bluegrass Europe on Facebook.