Thursday, 9 June 2011

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - 2011 European/UK/Canadaian/US Tour - Post 6

Becky Buller

Photos by David Tousley

Read all about our adventures at the Karl May Festival in Radebeul over the weekend at: (Will tell you this...I got thro
wn in the county jail...)

Check out Val's road journal at:


Full house last night at the Müggenkrug in Oldenburg, Germany. So many folks we had seen previously on this tour at the Bühler Bluegrass Festival as well as way back when at the festival Neusedende.

If I understand our hosts correctly, "Müggenkrug" means "mosquito mug." Thanks to Niko for his hospitality after the show, the spargel soup, etc. And for the spoons! In th
eir area, the people have a custom of drinking schnapps out of special pewter spoons gripped tightly in their left hands. Something to do with their right arms being tired from digging levees to hold the sea back. They have a call and response Low German poem they recite:

Ammerländer Trinkspruch

Ik seh Di!
Dat Freit mi!
Ik sup Di to!
Ik hebb Di tosapen!

Hestden rechten drapen!

(I can't remember the translation exactly and Google Translate doesn't seem to cover Low German.)

Then down the gullet it goes! When everybody is done with their snort, they turn the spoons over and whomever's spoon drips first is the one who has to invite everybody over to drink the next night.

Niko had two old Citroëns in his driveway. The Germans say they look like ducks. I think they're very stylish, retronically speaking, of course. Niko sent me home with a mini two-tone Citroën for my whatnot shelf. It will have to do as I don't have room in my suitcase for the r
eal thing.

It's Saturday and the autobahn is full of antique cars and motorcycles and scooters. J. Gregory is chasing a Vespa... I love parades!


Wild, woolly, whacky, and wonderful bluegrass night in International Bluegrass Night in Berkenroth with Covered Grass and the Looping Brothers. Had a lot of fun jamming with both groups backstage before and after the show.

The stage was decorated up like a country front porch. There was a life-sized plastic horse right next to my side of the stage. I kept catching him out of the corner of my eye, thinking it was somebody trying to catch my attention.

Bless Covered Grass' pea-pickin' hearts! They did a great version of my tune "How I Love You" on the show. Lovely singing, Corrina!