Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - 2011 European/UK/Canadian/US Tour - Post 5

Becky Buller


Woke up with a migraine in Muchen. (Lovely place to have a migraine!) That is in no way a reflection on our show the night before at the Amerika Haus, which was really fun. Thanks to Big Herbert for the sound and Zoey and Dominic for being such gracious hosts.

Got up and walked around thinking that might help my poor ol' puddin' head. It didn't, but I did get a good look at the downtown area. There were Tuvian throat singers down by the Neues Rathaus! (Will try to post that on my Facebook page soon.)

Things got even better as the day progressed. We headed to the Kulturform in Furth, which we played a few years ago. During supper we kept hearing sirens, seemingly hundreds of them. Come to find out the bomb squad was called out in force. Seems they found an unexploded WW2 bomb about one kilometer from where we were playing!! (Jeff is gonna love this story. He'll probably ask me if I got pictures?!) Consequently, the roads were blocked off and we delayed the show 15 minutes just in case anyone was having trouble getting there. Apparently this is a regular occurence in Furth whenever they start work on new buildings because the town is so close to Nuremberg, which was bombed heavily in the war.

We were all breathed a whole lot easier when Anna, our hostess, brought a note to the stage during our second set which had a big smiley face on it and read: "The bomb has been deactivated."

Val was so relieved, she sang the next song WITHOUT her fantastic Buffalo high heels.


We were in Willasau, Switzerland, yesterday for the Spring Bluegrass Festival at the local agricultural museum. (Reminded me of the Butterfield Threshing Bee back home.) Thanks for the great reception AND the donut cookie deali-os.

We were greeted by an incredibly loud parade of alpine cows. Had to make a video for my sister-in-law and give her the cow-cast. (She tells the weather by the cows back home. If the cows are clumping, it's going to be cold.) I will also try to post this video on my Facebook page.

Great line-up of bands. Got to hear some of Special C's set, as well as Oh My Darling from Canada and the Downtown Ramblers from Sweden. We shared a dressing room with the dapper dans from Old Time Hayride of the Netherlands and Germany. So many other fabulous bands. Greg Cahill and I bonded over our marching blue Calton cases, both gifted to us.

Thanks to Rosie and Kent for the chocolate and for teaching me how to say a liner for my radio show auf Deustch. Best if luck with your new show on Country Radio Switzerland, Kent. Great to see Angelika, Stephan, Ruth, Bruno, and Paolo.


I signed somebody's elbow last night at the Darmstadt Schlossgrabenfest. You doubt? No really! I did! He wanted an autograph and didn't have any paper. Rock 'n' roll 'grass in the biergarten!

Had several folks there last night who were with us two weeks ago in Bühl.

J. Gregory is chasing an Alpha Romeo, driven by a tailor-made Italian, out of the parking garage. (Don't tell Jeanette or the rental car company or the polizei...). We're on our way to the bluegrass festival near Wilisau, Switzerland, where people are much more sensible than to have their elbow's signed; they bring their babies for that. (Just funnin' you now!)