Monday, 6 June 2011

A tribute to the jammers

Walter Fuchs, director of the International Bühl Bluegrass Festival in south-west Germany, sends these photographs taken by Jörg Neuner in the Bürgerhaus Neuer Markt during the 9th Bühl festival (13-14 May 2011). Walter adds:

I want to say thanks to all those well known and unknown jammers that congregate each year at the festival in Bühl, having a good time, and jam for the pleasure of all visitors.

Among these jammers are many bands and musicians from Switzerland, Alsace, and Germany, namely the Wäfler Brothers, Bluegrass Beans, Sunny Mountain Grass, Bluegrass Family, Backporch Pickers, Mart O'Pickers, and Night Run. Thank you all and thanks to all those unnamed artists. Without them, our festival would not be complete. They are always welcome.

This tribute reinforces the recommendation made by a working group at the 3rd European Bluegrass Summit (18-20 Feb. 2011) - that jamming facilities should be recognised as a asset to all bluegrass festivals and advertised as such by festival organisers.