Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sore Fingers boom from BBC Radio 4

Thanks to John & Moira Wirtz for the latest news from Sore Fingers Summer Schools (SFSS) in England:

A big THANK YOU goes from SFSS to all our subscribers for helping us grow Sore Fingers Week into an event worthy of the BBC Radio 4 coverage last week, with further honours in R4’s 'Pick of the Week'. The programme was a delight. It created much excitement and euphoria, with an interesting spin-off which has rather hit us between the eyes:

Inspired by the broadcast there has been an inordinate surge of early bookings for both October 2011 and Easter 2012, together with a fair number of e-mails and phone calls from people who hadn’t heard of the event before now.

A warm welcome awaits all newcomers. Similarly it is of paramount importance to ensure continuity for those who have grown with us. Here therefore is a sincere entreaty for returning students to submit their bookings as soon as possible. As class sizes are limited, please don’t leave it to chance!

Full details of all teachers for the 21-3 October weekend course, together with the latest news on the confirmed and prospective teachers for the main course next Easter (9-13 April 2012), are on the Sore Fingers news page.
Booking forms are also available to download from the website. As the SFSS announces:

Whatever happens, there will be another amazing lineup of artists to teach and entertain at Sore Fingers Week 2012!

On the BBC Radio 4 broadcast, see the EBB for 5 June 2011. A Sore Fingers mandolin class is shown in the above photo.