Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lynne Butler: post-EWOB and 'La Fuente de Musica'

Thanks to Lynne Butler (UK), who reports:

It was lovely to meet those of you who were at EWOB and to get interviews and collect your music for airplay, and of course to meet everyone that wasn't playing too. George and I had a wonderful time. Some of you still need to send me MP3s to play, so if you haven't already please do so. It's impossible for me to chase everyone up, so hopefully you will know who you are and send them accordingly.

I am putting together the 'Festival highlights' programme over the next two weeks and will let you know when it airs. Meanwhile, I'm busy uploading everyone's music and will debut all new stuff on the 'Festival highlights' show first before following up with regular airplay.

Lynne also draws attention to the Fuente de Musica old-time music workshops hosted in Spain by Kate Lissauer (see the EBB for 21 Jan. 2011). The teachers for the autumn workshop (1-8 Oct. 2011) are Alice Gerrard and Beverley Smith, of whom Kate Lissauer writes:

Alice Gerrard is a living legend in bluegrass and old-time circles, and the opportunity to live and study with her is not one to be missed. Simply put, Alice Gerrard is a talent of legendary status. Alice is particularly known for her groundbreaking collaboration with Appalachian singer Hazel Dickens during the 1960s and ’70s. In a career spanning some 40 years, she has known, learned from, and performed with many of the old-time and bluegrass greats and has in turn earned worldwide respect for her own important contributions to the music.
[One of the] most respected guitar players in old time music today, Beverly Smith is also in demand as a singer, fiddler, and dance caller. She has made numerous recordings, backing up fiddlers Bruce Molsky, Rafe Stefanini, Tara Nevins and Brad Leftwich, vocalizing with Irish musicians Mick Moloney and John Doyle, and also singing with bluegrass great Laurie Lewis. Beverly returns to La Fuente for a third year.

More information and photos from previous Fuente de Musica events are here.