Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lilly of the West gigs, summer and autumn 2011

Above: another of the 'retro'-style monochrome photos of Lilly of the West (BG). Thanks to Lilly Drumeva for news of the schedule of shows for Lilly of the West during the coming months. For more info, e-mail.

July 13 Sofia, Zaimov park, 19:00

Aug. 6 La Roche Bluegrass Festival, France, 19:00
Aug. 12 Bansko Jazz Festival, 19:30
Aug. 13 Sofia, Borisova Gradina Park, 18:00
Aug. 14 Sofia, Yuzhen Park, 18:00
Aug. 27 Sofia, Borisova Gradina Park, 18:00
Aug. 28 Sofia, Yuzhen Park, 18:00

Sept. 24 Vienna, Rosenhugel Club
Sept. 25 Budapest, Rock Randevú Club
Sept. 27 Budapest, Bulgarian Cultural Institute
Sept. 28 Bratislava, Bulgarian Cultural Institute
Sept. 30 Vienna Country & Western Club

Oct. 1 Vienna, Headquarter Club