Thursday, 23 June 2011

Black Jake & the Carnies release Sundry mayhems outside Europe

Black Jake & the Carnies (left), the six-piece 'crabgrass' band from Ypsilanti, MI, USA, who toured for two weeks in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany earlier this year, are issuing for general release their second full-length album, Sundry mayhems, distributed by Sonic Rendezvous.

The album, which was available from the band in Europe, includes a 24-page songbook with an original painting and lyrics for each song. The first single, 'Farmer had him rats', is available for free download on the band's website.

To download a copy for review or radio, go to the band's bandcamp page and use this download code: xyh9-ee5t. You can request a physical copy of the record by e-mail. Additional info, songs, photos, and videos can be found at the band's website and press kit.