Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - European/UK/Canadian/US Tour - 1st & 2nd Posts

Becky Buller, 10/05/11

Hello again! I thought I saved the post from yesterday as a draft! Please forgive me posting it again because this time the pictures are here as well.

Also, I want to tell you that we visited the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg today to view a special screening of "Country Roads," a documentary by Crissi Mosselman in which we took part last summer. It was incredible! Crissi, Niklaus and Sebastian did a wonderful job documenting their ramble across America from L.A. to New York and we are so very proud to be part of it! Not sure when it will be released...they haven't finished all the editing yet. But please keep an eye out for it.

Now here is yesterday's post...with pictures!
Becky Buller, 09/05/11

As I write this, we are flying down the autobahn. J. Gregory is chasing a Lamboghini with our Volkswagen van. (Shh! Don't tell the rental car company or Jeanette.)

It's so good to be back in Germany!

We started out in Tübingen for two days. Had a bit of a look-see 'round the downtown and a lovely amble through the vineyards.

Then it was off to Germering (near München) and the Stadthalle for our very first show of the tour. It was a full house and Reinhold did an excellent job on sound. No pictures from this gig... we were too busy getting equipment together and such. But the show went really well and we saw lots of familiar faces from past shows at the Rattlesnake Saloon and on the Bodensee and even our friends who met up with in Nashville at the Station Inn!
David had the camera ready the next morning when we ran into celebrities in the parking lot. Those pictures can be found on our websites: ValerieSmithOnline.com and BeckyBuller.com.
Friday night we were in Freiburg at the Wodan Halle. The Biergarten was hopping! (Pun intended.). It was a lovely night to be out and about. Doesn't Ray look great with my lederhosen? The purse was a gift for my German friend Wally Murphy who now lives in Minnesota and worked for my parents for years in their dry cleaner shop. I promised to take pictures with it everywhere we go and send then back to her.
Our concert at the Wodan Halle was also full and lots of fun. It was great to hear Blue Side of Town again. I understand Michael (from the band) and Angelika are working on Bluegrass Europe (the EBMA magazine) together. Flipped through an issue backstage. Great stuff!!

There was a bit of a mix up at the hotel that night... I walked in on a guy in our room... and backed out just as fast as I could! Not knowing what else to do and being extremely exhausted, Val and I slept on the hardwood floor in Greg's room. The guys gave us their pillows and comforters and froze all night. Needless to say, Val and I woke up pretty grumpy. Greg was grumpy because Val kept him up half the night watching a rerun of the royal wedding. The receptionist made up for it all, though, by giving us a bottle of wine and very strong coffee with our früchstuck.
On to the Nuremberg area and the Wendelstein New Orleans Jazz & Blues Festival. I think we were the only roots/bluegrass band there! Another sold out show! And another group of our friends from the Rattlesnake Saloon were there, including our bearded buddy Michael. Sebastian the sound man was fabulous and took us out to the best schnitzel joint in town, where the incredible Collegium Dixicum was performing. After our show, we went over to the main stage for a few songs during the mosh up, festival end celebration.

We were excited to see our buddies Booger and Bernd Neuberger of the band Dixie Wheels. (Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Booger! Can't wait to meet the lucky lady next weekend.). They did a fabulous job on the sound during our show last night in the courtyard of the wasserschloss in Sachsenheim. Once again, a sold-out show! It was a beautiful night for an outdoor event. Our filmmaker friends Crissi and Niklaus were on the front row. They were in the US last year filming their latest project "Country Roads," in which we take part. We get to see it tomorrow with BBQ following. I'm a little nervous...
I must close now to get ready for the party. We'll post again as soon we can.
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Becky Buller