Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - 2011 European/UK/Canadian/US Tour - Post 4

Photos: Val and the evil shoes on stage in the Bath Assembly Rooms; rockin' out after the show in Ruulo, Holland.

24/05/11 Becky Buller

Hey, all! This posting contains bit and pieces about our last few shows. My IPod has been great for answering emails, but I need to get on a computer to blog. Quell domage! The one fly in the ointment.

Played the Kreuzkirche in Kassel, Germany on Sunday, a beautiful evangelical church that is a mix of old and new architecture. I especially enjoyed the circular vaulted ceiling with stars and crosses in it. Met some nice folks, heard some great stories.

We've been traipsing around Kassel for the last two days. I've walked myself to the point of exhaustion. But it feels great to be able to get out and about. The next three weeks we won't have much time for that.

Please read on about our time in Holland and England...


The band has decided that cows in Holland are bigger than any other cows we've ever seen, the ones out in the fields anyway. Maybe that's why Dutch cheese is so bodacious.

Played a house concert in Ruulo near the Dutch/German border. Dr. Tom and Marejka were so nice and have a lovely home. (It's a grand old farmhouse with a thatched AND tiled roof and gigantic guard geese in a pen out front.) Very lively audience. Annie the cacti farmer especially got into it.

I enjoyed some hedgehog hunting in the woods around the place this afternoon. Once again, I didn't find any. The locals laugh at me when I ask them if they have hedgehogs around the place. "You see them flat on the streets," someone told me. Oh no!!


The Bath Assembly Rooms are lovely, all Georgian architecture and crystal chandeliers. So good to see our good friends Dee and Eric Hallett again after about three years. Thanks also to John and Moira Wirtz for their help and the sound. And to Bryon and Glynnis Chalker for bringing us to the Bath Americana and Bluegrass Festival.

Valerie finally was able to wear the insanely high Buffalo heels she bought in Stuttgart a week or so ago. (See David Tousley's Facebook page for the video.) (She was kept from them for so long by a particularly cruel pair of blister-inducing golden tennis shoes she purchased in Sachsenheim. How could such beauty harbor such evil...)

Val was almost as tall as me on that second set. All was going well until "Dancing By The River," when she decided to dance amongst the audience. She took quite a tumble, but never stopped singing. We weren't sure what to do, so kept on playing, though the audience was gasping.

"As I lay there singing, all I could think of was how I had just fallen in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, how Lizt played here once, and, oh, aren't those chandeliers lovely... hope they didn't see my knickers..." she said.

Thanks to the Scoville Units for a copy of their lovely new record. Really nice stuff. We're listening to it as we head down the road toward Holland. Good traveling music; great banjo picking, says Shane.

Good to see the UKBluegrass.com folks at Bath.

Bless David Tousley for being willing to get up early this morning to take my picture in The Circus while draped in the Regency dress I found in a charity shop. And bless Val for coming with me to the Jane Austen Centre yesterday morning. I love Darcy! And I love Bath! (See photos at BeckyBuller.com).

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PSS: Photos by David Tousley and moi!