Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - 2011 European/UK/Canadian/US Tour - Post 3

17/05/11 Becky Buller

Photos, left to right: View from the castle ruin near Reutlingen; J. Gregory on Autoroute 4 in France; Becky at Rudy and Willi's guitar shop in Tubingen.

Alan O'Bryant, is it you who was showing me the tune "Napolean Crossing The Rhine?" I was trying to remember the melody on the mandolin as we drove into France today on our way to Calais to catch the Chunnel to England. I've never been under the English Channel before! We perform at the Americana festival in Bath on Thursday.

Thanks to Rudy and Willibfor saving the day once again! It wouldn't be a VSLP Euro tour without us stopping at their guitar shop for Willi to fix one of our instruments. This time, though, it wasn't my banjo but Shane's guitar Needed a tweak. They fixed him right up AND treated us to a cup of the worst coffee in Tübingen. :-)

Then we hiked up to a crumbly old castle near Reutlingen in the heart of the Schwabischer Albs with our friend Regine and her daughter Catherine. It was 300 meters almost straight up! Catherine practically ran the whole way. I lagged behind on the pretense that I was looking for gartenzwerge und igel. (Gnomes and hedgepigs). Ok, I'm out of shape. Jeff, can we go hiking when I get home? Who cares about the rattlesnakes?!

The view was incredible, as pictured here. The castle was built at least 1000 years ago. We could see several other castles on the surrounding hills.

Regine and her husband Rolf hosted us for a concert in their beautiful home last night. Thanks to both them and their lovely family for their hospitality. The maultaschen was yummy! (Monica Finke tells me that every good Schwabian frau knows how to make it...sausage raviolis.)

J. Gregory is currently filming himself chasing a Peugeot down the Autoroute 4. (Don't tell Jeanette or the rental car company...or la police, s'il vous plaît.)

Over and out, good buddy!

Becky Buller

PS: David "Stillwater Mule Mustang Sally Stinky Cheese Pizza Mad Map Man Biermiester Go-Go Gadget Knight Rider" Tousley says to tell you all that Roger Miller is on the radio in France today. We've been desperately searching the airwaves for a French torch singer to no avail, but Roger Miller is perfect for any occasion.

PSS: Photos by moi!