Sunday, 15 May 2011

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - 2011 European/UK/Canadian/US Tour - Post 2

Pictures left to right: Sunny Mountain Grass and Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike at the Buhler Bluegrass Festival; Greg and Bridget the D.A.I.; David and Becky looking for trolls in the Schwazwald; the Toy Hearts in Buhl - diggin' those ruby slippas!

15/05/11 Becky Buller

It was a wild and wooly night at the Buhler Bluegrass Festival. Walter and Patrick Fuchs along with the beautiful town of Buhl. Sunny Mountain Grass from Switzerland put on a great show. I loved their song about toast and eggs sunny side up. We had a lot of fun with them during the finale.

It was wonderful to see so many friends last night from all over Europe!

This morning, we had breakfast with our buddy Booger and the soon-to-be Frau Booger. We also saw Special Concensus there.

Luckily, we had a little time to burn in the Buhler marktplatz. The Toy Hearts were rocking out in their fabulous sparkly red shoes. I had to have another zwie kuglen eis as I watched them.

We are now winding our way through the Schwarzwald (What a view!) to Tübingen for a show at the D.A.I. tonight. I am the designated troll catcher. Shane is looking for bear. And we all hope to see one of the elusive girls in the hats with the giant red dealie-bobbers on them.

Until tonight!

Ok! Update from this afternoon...we had a packed house at the D.A.I. in Tübingen. Dieter and Bridget opened the show for us with some wonderful old tunes, Carter Family, Don Williams...very nice stuff! We're headed to their house in just a minute so I must close. Oh, Andreas, if you're reading this, great song to end the show last night! Thanks for being a good sport!


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PSS: Photos by David Tousley