Monday, 23 May 2011

Los Hermanos Cubero: on the air and on their home ground

Thanks to Los Hermanos Cubero (E) for news of a television show which they greatly enjoyed making. The show, in the series 'Los conciertos de Radio 3', was broadcast last week on the Spanish TV channel LA2, on two successive days: Wednesday 18 May and Thursday 19 May. It can now be watched online here.

The poster shown on the left announces a coming concert at the Teatro Moderno in Guadalajara, where Los Hermanos Cubero will play music from their CD Cordaineros de la Alcarria. This will be a special concert for them, as Guadalajara is the place where they were born. Tickets are on sale at the Pub Chinaski de Guadalajara, on the Plaza San Sebastian.