Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'The Captain': single and video from Toy Hearts

Thanks to Sophia Johnson of the Toy Hearts (UK) for the news that on Monday 16 May the band released their new single 'The Captain', from the new Toy Hearts album Femme fatale on Wood Ville Music.

The song carries a strong message, and the single is available for download from iTunes, Amazon, and other links on the band's website. The official video of 'The Captain' can be seen on the website, on YouTube, and (since yesterday) on the original Bluegrass Blog. Read the Toy Hearts' e-bulletin about the release.

Country Music People magazine has said of the band: ‘They fully deserve to be the first British act nominated for a Bluegrass Grammy’. The release came two days after the Toy Hearts had played three shows in the 9th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival in Germany.