Saturday, 9 April 2011

Vote for bluegrass in the Digital Country Music Awards

The Cammel International companies Cameron Tilbury Publicity and Kickin Media, both based in England, announce that the world's first all-digital, international, fan-based country music awards have attracted nominations from around the world. So far, the strongest response has come from the English-speaking countries outside the USA, but interest is growing in Continental Europe.

Fans are able to nominate and vote for artists in all categories, whether in their own territory or in other territories around the world (the USA, Canada, Britain and Ireland, Continental Europe, and Australia), on the Country Music Awards Facebook page.

The voting system features twenty-three categories, one of which is bluegrass - and, of course, bluegrass artists can be nominated in other categories, such as instrumental or vocal. For more information, visit the DCMA website.