Thursday, 7 April 2011

Toy Hearts' complete PA equipment stolen

Bad news from Sophia, Hannah, and Stewart Johnson of the Toy Hearts (UK), who report:

We are sorry to contact with rather depressing news, but last night our van (outside our house in Kings Heath in Birmingham, West Midlands) got broken into and our entire PA equipment and microphones were stolen.

Below is an exact list of what was taken. If anyone gets any information or sees this stuff for sale anywhere, please contact us immediately.


2 X Mach ‘M.Flex 15’ powered speakers
1 X Mackie 12-channel mixing desk in flight case

Flight case rack containing:
2 X Behringer compressors
1 X Yamaha graphic equaliser
1 X Berhinger graphic equaliser with feedback destroyer
1 X Multi-core 12 + 4 (not on reel)

1 X Neuman KM14
1 X Shure Beta 87
2 X AKG C1000 1 original, made in Austria; grey colour. 1 newer model; silver colour.
2 X Audio Technica MB4000C
2 X Shure SM 58

Large tool box containing leads, speaker cables, PA power cables, mike clips, tools, etc.

Contact Sophia Johnson by e-mail or 'phone (0044) 07977998061.