Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lynne Butler: 'Boudoir bluegrass' is joined by 'Eurograss'

Thanks to Lynne Butler (UK), who announces:

I am now airing two radio shows: 'Butler’s Boudoir Bluegrass', on UK Country Radio every Thursday at 20:00 (British time), repeated every Friday at 16:00 (British time) which includes UK and European bluegrass music, plus a 15-mins-or-so spot in the middle for bluegrass music outside of Europe.

My other show, called 'Lynne Butler’s Eurograss', every Monday on Bluegrass Planet Earth, which consists of two shows a month - repeated. For example: show 1 will be played week 1 and repeated week 2. Show 2 will be played week 3, repeated week 4. The shows will increase to being different shows each week as and when I have got ‘into the flow’, so to speak.

So, please tell all your friends and fellow musicians about both stations and don’t forget to keep sending in your CDs. Let’s show the world what we have here in Europe.

The playlists are shown below for each show i.e. BBB [see this via the link on the EBB's 'Radio playlists' post] and the first LBE. Once again, with LBE you all need to be patient with me as you will all get fair airplay. I have a spreadsheet set up in a similar way to BBB. There will be some crossover initially but I will also play 'catch up' for everyone. I am doing my best for all of you. Please remember this is a completely voluntary service from me, but one which I am passionate about in the promotion of European bluegrass music. So, don’t be too hard on me if I haven’t got the rotation just right at the moment lol!

Before the playlists, some very important links that you ought to stop by when you can.

I cannot stress how wonderful and family-oriented our British and European bluegrass festivals are, and it would be lovely if you could get to some of them to see for yourself. I will be attending for definite the La Roche, Didmarton, and Cornish festivals in my capacity as DJ, and would love to see you there and your family and friends. Do stop by to say hello, and if you are a bluegrass artist please do stop by for an interview.

My coverage of the festivals for those weekends will be going out on air the following weeks as a ‘highlights’ programme for the festivals like last year, so that everyone who hasn’t been able to make them will hear for themselves what they are like. Over the weekends during my attendance at the festivals I will have linkups three times a day to live presenter-led programmes to keep everyone up to date on what is going on at the time. - where you can find out everything you need to know about UK bluegrass scene and Europe and elsewhere. - British-based country radio station airing 'Butler’s Boudoir' Bluegrass - US-based bluegrass radio station airing 'Lynne Butler’s Eurograss' - Didmarton Festival (UK) - La Roche Bluegrass Festival (France) - Cornish Bluegrass Festival (UK) - European World of Bluegrass Festival (Netherlands)

'Lynne Butler’s Eurograss': first show playlist (date TBA)

One is Way too Many - Coal Porters - UK
Bledlow Ridge - Papa Truck - UK
Take Me for Longing - Union Central - UK
Lovin’ You - Acoustic Astronauts - UK
Red Clay Halo - Lilly Drumeva - Bulgaria
Farmers’ Son - Jussi Syren and the Ground Breakers - Finland
All I Need - G2- Sweden
My Home is Across the Blueridge Mountains - Down Trodden Stringband - UK
I’m Going Home - Wood Wire and Words - UK
Another Night - Radio Cowboys - UK
I’ll Fly Away - Sandy Hill - UK
Bitter Green - Sons of Navarone - Belgium
Hoss Fly - Cwrkot - Czech
Big Mamou - Blue Railroad Train - France
Every Breath You Take - Poa Pratensis - Hungary
Chinese Whispers - Tom Travis - UK
Creepin’ In - Acoustic Processing Unit - Hungary
Love No Body but You - Four Wheel Drive - The Netherlands
Heartbreak Hurricane - G-Runs and Roses - Czech